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An Innovative Benefit for Over-the-Counter Products

Program Details

In today’s fast-paced world of E-commerce and shifting consumer behavior, health plan members have come to expect the same expediency they experience with the largest global retailers. That’s why NationsOTC® advances consumerization of healthcare with the over-the-counter (OTC) benefit offering.

NationsOTC provides over-the-counter benefit administration services to health plans seeking an affordable, comprehensive solution in supplemental OTC services and product fulfillment. Hundreds of brand-name and generic products, health and wellness items, first-aid supplies, and a variety of foods are available across CMS-approved categories for home delivery nationwide at no additional cost.

Our customizable solution also includes a modern E-commerce experience that can be tailored for your health plan.

Features of the NationsOTC Solution:

CMS-compliant and fully customizable program

24/7/365 live customer service

Comprehensive product formulary, including healthy foods and connectivity devices

Competitive product pricing

Five national distribution centers

Nationwide 2-day delivery, at no additional cost

Member Portal

Create additional brand affinity by featuring your logo on the portal, which offers:

  • Robust search options with the ability to filter, sort and search by category, pricing, wallet, and more
  • Product recommendations based on individual needs
  • Expandable product detail pages complete with 360-degree images
  • Benefit tracking to see available dollars to spend on plan-approved products
  • Order tracking with carrier details and frequent status updates
iMac Pro® is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.

Member Experience

NationsOTC offers easy and convenient ways to order over-the-counter products.

Member receives their OTC benefit information from their plan

Member chooses to order online, by phone, mobile app, or mail

Member places their order for approved OTC products

Order is shipped with nationwide 2-day delivery at no additional cost

- OR -Member uses their OTC card to purchase items at participating locations

Delivering added value through an outcomes-based approach

We offer a unique member engagement experience that’s designed to drive more meaningful purchasing behaviors related to targeted disease states. This leads to improved health outcomes, decreased healthcare spending, and increased member satisfaction and retention.

OTC products provide symptomatic relief for an estimated 60 million people who otherwise would not seek treatment.1

of adults prefer to treat their minor ailments with OTC medicines before seeking professional care.2

On average, each dollar spent on OTC medicines saves the U.S. healthcare system approximately $7.20.3

  • 1 Consumer Healthcare Products Association
  • 2 Intrado Globe Newswire
  • 3 IRI

Reducing Healthcare Costs Through OTC Products

The use of OTC products has increased substantially due to consumer-driven healthcare solutions for self-care, and it’s having a direct impact on reducing healthcare costs. Consumers who treat a condition with OTC products are less likely to seek professional medical treatment, allowing healthcare practitioners to focus on patients with more serious health problems and alleviate the cost-burden of unnecessary medical treatments.

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