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Wellness Solutions

Expanded supplemental benefits are a critical component to improving members’ overall quality of life.

Offering a wider array of health-related benefits gives plans the flexibility to tailor solutions to meet the needs of their population, improve outcomes, and deliver better and healthier members.


Our wellness solutions are designed to exceed expectations that are borne out of today’s changing environment through member-centric omnichannel experiences that increase engagment and utilization.

Personal Emergency Response Systems (PERS) Benefit
Falls are a serious health concern among older adults. More than 300,000 people are hospitalized each year for broken hips and 95% of these injuries are the result of a fall.1
Our personal emergency response systems (PERS) benefit includes in-home Medical Alert base units and On-The-Go systems with help buttons and monitoring to fit members’ lifestyles and budgets. Our solution offers safety for members when they are at home or on-the-go with GPS location capability.


Peace of Mind

Members and their loved ones have less stress and anxiety knowing help is available

Greater Independence

Members can maintain their independence while aging in place at home

Highly Reliable

Devices function around-the-clock and help ensure care is available when it's needed most

Reduces Hospital Readmittance

Members' chances of returning to independent living after a hospital visit are greater

1Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Emergency Response Solutions

All solutions include two-way communication to monitoring centers, water resistant wristband and pendant options, and 24/7/365 monitoring services by special senior sensitivity trained monitoring professionals.

On-The-Go (4G)

Provides freedom and peace of mind whether at home or miles away.

Medical Alert Plus (4G)

Extended range offers additional functionality for those who wish to step outside of their home and feel protected.

Medical Alert Basic

Allows members and their loved ones to feel confident and safely independent at home.

The benefit is in partnership with ADT®, a leading provider of security, automation, and safety solutions serving consumer and business customers, and the largest network of security professionals in the United States.

Optimized Companion Care Benefit
Aging in place has become increasingly more prevalent due to the benefits associated with living in a safe and comforting atmosphere. However, as people age their physical capabilities lessen, and completing daily activities without assistance becomes more challenging.

Our optimized companion care benefit through NationsCare addresses members’ non-medical needs to promote engagement with care, resources, and services, precisely when it’s needed. We match members with highly trained Companions to provide emotional support, socialization, and help with a variety of strategic activities and tasks that are designed to drive action to positively impact key health outcomes.

Companion Assistance

Companions can help members with common tasks that include, but are not limited to:

At-Home Delivery
Virtual Physical Fitness Therapy Benefit (MSK)

As people age certain changes within their body and loss of muscle mass increase the risk of falling and other serious health issues like cardiovascular disease and diabetes.2

Our virtual physical fitness therapy (MSK) benefit is designed to provide members with the ability to receive holistic care programs including exercise, education, and behavioral coaching at home, digitally. This includes members who need help managing pain, providing them with a safer alternative, as recommended by the CDC. A physical therapist is involved every step of the way, ensuring programs are tailored to specific member needs and goals, and adapts as they progress.

This benefit offers health plans the only clinical-grade digital solution that guarantees members enhanced mobility, flexibility, and balance with personalized treatment plans that are more effective, easier, and less expensive than traditional programs.

Health and
2Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

The benefit is powered by SWORD Health, a digital therapy provider and the world's fastest-growing virtual musculoskeletal (MSK) care provider.

Customizable Kits

The days of one-size-fits-all solutions are long gone and health plans making the largest gains are those willing to move beyond tradition.

Our kits can be fully customized to fit members’ unique health goals. They are designed to encourage preventive health by making it easier and more convenient for members to take the necessary steps towards better health and wellness.

We make available fully branded or co-branded marketing materials, personalized inserts, and custom packaging. Our end-to-end solution includes bulk shipping to your fulfillment center, or we can ship directly to your members.

We provide a robust list of health and wellness products for Managed Care organizations to choose from. Create your own, or choose from available options:
  • COVID-19 Kits
  • Fitness Kits
  • Condition-Specific Kits
  • Wellness Kits
  • Welcome Kits
Connectivity Benefit

Staying connected can be challenging for people aged 65 and older.

Our connectivity benefit offers devices and service plans that enable members to connect virtually to take advantage of health-related apps, all from the comfort and safety of home. This is especially important for members who experience feelings of isolation and loneliness as these devices can help them regularly check in with loved ones.

We help empower members to actively, gracefully, and independently age in place through technology-driven solutions. Internet-enabled devices include, but are not limited to:
  • Current Apple®, Samsung®, and Fitbit® devices, including tablets and wearables
  • Wi-Fi connectivity and data options on select devices
  • Ability to preload health-related apps that encourage well-being
  • User assistance for setup and troubleshooting

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