The NationsBenefits® provider network is continuously growing. With substantial expansion throughout the country, our network currently includes more than 8,000 preferred healthcare providers.

Here’s how it works:

There are no expenses associated with joining our network, and we make the onboarding process effortless and straightforward. We refer patients near your office while nurturing relationships through the referral process.

After receiving a call from a member, our Member Experience Advisors (MEA) schedule an appointment for a hearing test with you, the provider.

The member visits your office for a hearing test. If hearing aids are needed, you discuss their options and make a recommendation.

Log in to the Provider Portal and place the order for the hearing aids selected. All orders are shipped directly to your office.

You complete the fitting, and fees are paid after 60 days of the fitting appointment through our proprietary processing system.


NationsBenefits offers a full portfolio of hearing aid products from all major manufacturers with no out-of-pocket costs.

Participating providers have immediate access to our Provider Portal where they can:

  • Manage patient and referral information
  • Schedule testing and fittings
  • Place and track orders
  • Access patient documents

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Become part of our growing network of healthcare providers today and gain access to more managed care patients through our partnerships with leading health plans across the nation.

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