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Flex Cards

A flex card solution designed to drive growth, improve health outcomes, reduce costs, and increase member satisfaction.

A flex card solution designed to drive growth, improve health outcomes, reduce costs, and increase member satisfaction.

Program Details

NationsBenefits offers a comprehensive flex card solution that enables health plans to provide their members with a convenient way to pay for eligible items and approved services. Members receive a personalized debit card that gives them quick and easy access to funds that are loaded on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis.

Program Features
The flex card program administered by NationsBenefits is a solution that can grow with your health plan over time while providing a convenient way for members to use the funds on their card to personalize their care.

We understand that no two members are the same, and that's why we provide a solution for your members to spend their benefit dollars where they need it most. Plus, innovative filtered spend technology enables your members to access multiple benefits via a single card. Multiple balances and catalogs can be tied to a single card to deliver complete flexibility and administrative ease.

  • The program can be fully customized to support your health plan’s supplemental benefits offering.

End-to-End Solution

We give you the flexibility to customize spending controls in the way that works best for your health plan. Our multi-wallet capabilities* provide a variety of plan configurations and ways to integrate with your existing benefits lineup or expand into new areas. This ensures an omni-channel shopping experience by delivering multiple programs and benefits on one card and platform that has MCC and SKU restrictions.

*There is no limit to wallet configurations.
Program Design Example
  • OTC Wallet $25Per quarter
  • Grocery Wallet $50Per month
  • Vision Wallet $1,000Per year
  • Rewards & Incentives $5Per month
  • Total Benefit
    $1,080Per year
Other possible use cases:
  • Acupuncture
  • Meals (in addition to post-discharge meals)
  • Pest control
  • Massage
  • Social activities
  • Education classes and technology assistance
  • Home modification
  • Indoor air quality equipment and services


Our personalized and user-friendly member portal makes it easy for members to get the most out of their benefits in one central location. Through the portal, which can be customized for your plan, members have access to see benefit-specific information and so much more.

  • Single sign-on capability configurability
  • Admin portal to view data, spend, and reporting
  • Mobile application to check item eligibility and more
  • Analytics to review purchasing trends and order preferences
  • Live benefit integration for instant balance updates
  • Security and compliance features

An Outcomes-Based Approach
Impacting Member Satisfaction

We believe that strong, well structured, and integrated benefits can impact member satisfaction, clinical outcomes and reduce the Cost of Health Care (COHC). As you select, customize, and launch care programs with NationsBenefits, we will load and integrate your members’ current and historical medical claims and values data with our real-time utilization and satisfaction data.

As a result, your health plan will gain an unsurpassed line-of-sight on how your care programs are supporting your company’s growth, CMS Star Ratings, and overall COHC goals.

CMS Star Ratings

Overall satisfaction, health plan NPS & retention rate

Members’ health resilience, including self-efficacy, and ability to self-manage

Members’ overall health and COHC

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